Monday, March 30, 2020


MoTeC is a manufacturer of advanced engine management and data acquisition systems.

The program is pretty self intuitive and runs in system tray. Double click or right click to open and modify the settings. An auto-updater is included to make sure you have the latest version. When in iRacing and before you enter the track, press Alt-L to enable iRacing’s telemetry. iRacing will export telemetry into your <My Documents>/iRacing/Telemetry/ directory in their *.ibt format. Mu will automatically convert these files into MoTeC’s format.

Mu is a telemetry exporter that converts iRacing telemetry files (.ibt) into
to files that can be read by MoTeC’s i2 software for analysis. i2 and i2 Pro
are available for free on MoTeC’s website.


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