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iSeason is a program that allows you to keep track of some racing statistics for any series within iRacing and display them on a single screen. Hopefully at the very least iSeason will give you some insight as to how you are progressing from week to week throughout your season.

iSeason Features

  • You can create the standard 4 or 12 week seasons along with custom season anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks with custom drop weeks
  • Color coding for quick glance information
  • Can store up to 40 races for each week of a season.
  • Information stored – Race points, Incident points, Finish Position, iRating, sRating, laps Down and Laps Led.
  • Automatically calculates your weekly and season points using the iRacing formulas
  • Displays the amount of points needed from your next race to increase your weekly total
  • Displays an indicator to let you know if your next race will effect your weekly total or not
  • Descriptions, lengths and turn count for all Track layouts are included and can be modified via a text file for future changes
  • Extremely easy to use


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