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2011 Build Notes

Build Release Notes: 01-31-2011

Various Cars
– Fixed bug where the pit speed limiter on any car that had one would not work during fixed setup races.
– Sequential gearboxes can no longer downshift into neutral if the car is rolling faster than about 5 mph.

– Fixed a bug where the aero calculator was using garage rides when it’s only supposed to use the specified target ride heights.

Lotus 79
– Fixed the steering ratio adjustment so that it works again.

Spec Racer
– It is now possible to refuel during a pitstop. Street Stock
– More oil and water cooling. Spa Francorchamps
– Fixed bug where F3 black box timing and delta timing could act erratically.

Website Updates
– Series schedule pages fixes to remove duplicate weeks and properly display race durations.
– Schedule pdf fixes to remove duplicate weeks and properly display race duration in minutes.
– Personal stats page fix. Last 10 races and Last 3 series were not working in some instances where the data spanned season boundaries.
– Helmet popup fix on series stats page
– Race week pulldown fix on series stats page (remove incorrect/duplicate entries)
– RACC/World Cup year pick list fix. This page wasn’t working at all on some IE installations.

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