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2011 Build Notes

Build Release Notes: 02-04-2011

– Fixed bug where you could get into your car with an illegal setup by pressing your enter/exit/reset/tow button while in the replay screen.
– Fixed bug where cars mysteriously rotate when sitting stationary for a while, particularly on sloping ground.
– Added nVidia logos to the paintkit.

– Fixed an issue in the shadow map system that may have been causing random garbage to appear in the shadow maps, and/or trackside objects to stop casting shadows.
– Fixed the way that the level of detail is selected for resolutions above 1920×1200 when render per screen is enabled. The calculation is now performed using the field-of-view and horizontal resolution of the center monitor only, and should produce results more similar to single monitor modes again. If you run 3-screens, and have altered LODPct in renderer.ini, set it back to “LODPct=100”, try that, and adjust from there if necessary. This new method might cause a slight loss of FPS compared to the previous build at high resolutions – you can put it back by raising LODPct higher to gain performance if you liked it how it was.
– Added an option to renderer.ini to disable the new occlusion culling. If you suspect that occlusion culling might be hurting your frame rate rather than helping, try setting “OcclusionCull=0” under the graphics settings. Normally it is best to leave it enabled, especially for road courses.

Sprint Car
– The Sprint Car will be available for purchase and download very shortly. At 820 hp and 650 lb/ft of torque, the Sprint Car is one monster of a race car. Street Stock – Updated the Thompson fixed setup.

– Removes phrases that may confuse people when using the aero calculator. Williams FW31
– Removes phrases that may confuse people when using the aero calculator.

Spa Francorchamps
– Moved standing starts for the classic pits and endurance pits to correct location on the downhill before the lower start/finish line, now that we have fixed the car rotation problem.

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