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2011 Build Notes

Build Release Notes: 05-06-2011

– When replay spooling is enabled, overwriting the replay file that is currently being viewed is no longer allowed.
– Fixed an issue where trying to save the whole replay with replay spooling enabled could fail if you weren’t viewing near the end of the replay.

Track Physics
– The current tire model can have certain difficulties with the physical seams in the track surface between the elements of track geometry we build our tracks from. Our normal method of dealing with these seams can cause a feeling like you’re mysteriously catching on a groove in the track surface, and in some cars at certain tracks that have many rails across the racing surface this can cause a great deal of difficulty, for instance when trying to drive the Impala A at Darlington. We have an alternate method of dealing with these seams that works excellently with the upcoming new tire model, but the current tire model still has trouble with this alternate method – just a different kind of trouble. But for some cars at some tracks, this is much more preferrable than the older method. So we have switched to this newer (but still not perfect) method of dealing with track surface seams for the Impala A, 2009 Impala B, Silverado, Sprint Car, and Silver Crown, and only at oval tracks. It’s a frustrating issue to have to deal with because the new tire model doesn’t have this problem at all, but is not yet released. Hopefully this update with get us through until then.

Ford Mustang FR500S
– Very early in this season’s development the tires on the FR500S had some numbers adjusted for experimental purposes, but the experiment got lost amongst all the other things we were working on, and the experimental numbers accidentally were released last week. This was not our intent, so we are reverting the FR500S tires to how they were last season.

– The “grip strip” up high against the wall in turns 3 and 4 has been removed, with the new track surface improvements from last week this grip strip is no longer needed.
– A couple of graphical issues in the outfield have been fixed.

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