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2011 Build Notes

Build Release Notes: 08-03-2011

Website Tournament Grid Builder – Fixed performance issues with IE. It should now be ok to use IE to build your grids. – There is still a drag and drop issue with all browsers. The issue occurs when dragging drivers from a large driver pool (larger than 60 drivers) down to a server on the grid. The plugin we are using for drag and drop is not handling the scrolling driver pool properly. If you have a large number of drivers in your driver pool and the hidden lower portion of the pool (i.e. the bottom part of the pool that is scrolled out of view) extends beyond the top of the server you are trying to drag to, the drag will fail and the driver will be dropped back into the driver pool. The workaround is to drag your driver towards the bottom of the driver pool first and and then drag them to the server. Fixed Setup Hosted Racing – Fixed a bug where you couldn’t upload setups for some cars. Person Stats – Fixed a bug where some users could not view their stats

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