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2011 Build Notes

Build Release Notes: 11-07-2011

Mazda MX-5 Cup and Roadster
– We have updated the baseline setups for the MX-5 Cup and Roadster to be much less challenging to keep the cars pointing forward. The new setups are still fast, but are much more comfortable to drive, and give a much better introduction into the New Tire Model update on these cars. If you have been driving
these cars using their baseline.sto setups previously, please make sure to reload the baseline.sto again to get the updated setup. The Rookie Mazda series will begin using these news setups as soon as the servers can recognize the update.

Lotus 79
We are giving the Lotus 79 a few updates to improve the racing experience after having discussions with the drivers who enjoy this series.
– Move a stiff collision sphere to cover the lowest point of the rear transmission/suspension pickup bulkhead.
– Increase fuel consumption 20%.
– Front and Rear anti-roll bars with seven adjustments to stiffness. The front bar will have an even increase in stiffness both above and below the previous set. The rear bar will remain the softest setting as it was but will have a stiffer maximum setting.
– Penalty for dragging the ground. Change will be similar to what’s applied to the Williams FW31, Dallara and HPD. This could change the balance, possibly substantially, if your sets are designed to scrape.
– 34.1 Imperial gallon fuel tank with 1/2 gallon fuel increments.
– Increased steering rack ratios all the way to 20:1 to help those with steering sensitivity issues.
Web Release Notes
Spectator Sessions
Fixed a bug where you couldn’t watch a password protected hosted session.

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