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2011 Build Notes

Release Notes: 12-06-2011

Account Recharge + Gifting
There is a new link called “Account Recharge” at the top of the member’s site that is used to recharge your own account or to give a recharge gift to another iRacer.
Recharging Your Own Account
When you click on the “Account Recharge” link the system will check to see if you have a credit card on file. If so it displays a popup dialog box where you can simply enter the amount of iRacing Dollars you want to purchase and click the “Instant Recharge Now” button. This is the easiest way to recharge your account. Alternatively
you can follow a link to the “Account Recharge” page where you can recharge your account with a different credit card or with PayPal.
If you don’t have a card on file you will be taken directly to the “Account Recharge” page. On the “Account Recharge” page you will see two big buttons: “RECHARGE ACCOUNT” and “GIFT A RECHARGE”. To recharge your own account click on the “RECHARGE ACCOUNT” button, enter the recharge amount and select your payment method.
Gifting (Recharging Somebody Else’s Account)
On the “Account Recharge” page you will see two big buttons: “RECHARGE ACCOUNT” and “GIFT A RECHARGE”.
To give a recharge to somebody else click on the “GIFT A RECHARGE” button. This will display a form where you specify the following:
– The recharge amount.
– The recharge recipient. You can select from your friend or studied lists or you can search by driver name.
– An optional message to be included in a gift eCard that will be emailed to the recipient and displayed to them in a popup the next time they visit the member’s site.
– An eCard design. Four different designs are provided. Clicking on any of the four designs will put a red border around the thumbnail indicating that it is selected.

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