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Bodnar Cable

Bodnar CableLeo Bodnar’s Bodnar Cable directly connects Logitech G25 and G27 pedals to USB, bypassing plugging into your steering wheel. It helps keep the calibration in Windows and makes them much more accurate by using a 10-bit resolution on all pedal axes.

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• 10-bit resolution on all pedal axes
• Highly accurate, smooth and stable position measurement. 250 updates per second
• Reliable, rock-steady calibration settings
• Windows calibration settings will not be lost after unplugging or swapping USB connectors
• Completely standalone solution
• Use Logitech® G25, Driving Force™ GT, Driving Force™ Pro or pedals on their own or with another wheel.
• Use your DIY pedals using potentiometers or Hall sensors
• Connects to any USB port with a standard USB A-B cable (not included)
• Automatic recognition of connected pedal types.
• Logitech G25, Driving Force GT*, Driving Force Pro, or generic pedals with up to 3 axes
• *Driving Force GT pedals are identical to Driving Force Pro and will be shown as such.
• Natively supported by Windows Vista/XP/2000/Me/98, Mac OS X and Linux
• True Plug-and-play.
• Two shapes available
• Black box 70x40x20mm (2.6″x1.7″x0.8″). Box can be opened if PCB needs stationary mounting.
• Embedded into USB cable. Cable length is 1.5m (5 feet.)

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