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CST Pedals

Cannon Simulation Technologies (CST) builds high quality pedals that are designed to be as realistic as racing pedals as possible. CST claims to offer a line of products for the simracer who is looking for that extra level of Realism and Performance.

Each set of pedals is personally hand built by Todd Cannon to the highest standard of quality. Features of the pedals include pressure sensitive brake, analog clutch, steel construction, stainless steel pivor bolts, self lubricating shaft bushings, powder coat finish, 12-bit USB controller, aluminim racing pedal faces, and more. All pedals include full adjustable height, angle, pedal depth, spacing, pedal travel and spring preload.

Links: CST Website

CST offers several varieties of pedal sets on their website, two and three pedal sets all available in red or black. Pedal sets start as low as $449, up to $698. Another $139 for the floor bracket set.

NASCAR Driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. said, “The brake system reacts much more realistically. My wins are coming more often, and if that’s not always the case, my lap times and tire wear are quite a bit more manageable.” Indycar Driver Justin Wilson said, “The build quality is excellent! They are precision racecar quality pedals. They just feel so natural.”

CST also offers a DIY Pedal Guide. It is an 80-page step-by-step instruction manual for constructing your own set of high performance sim pedals. Both overhang and floor designs are included. Both designs feature a load cell brake pedal for pressure sensitive braking just like a real car. No welding or machining is required. Only hand tools, power drill and circular saw are needed. The design uses off the shelf parts, material and hardware. The DIY Pedal Guide is available on the CST Website for $12.

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