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Roso F1 Steering Wheels

Roso F1 Steering WheelRoso makes a handmade steering wheel for F1 enthusiasts. This steering wheel replaces the wheel you already own, giving you unlimited control of your car and its functions. The steering wheel is made of carbon fibers and aluminum-magnesium alloys. It is compatible with Logitech’s G25 and G27 wheels, as well as ECCI wheels, Frex, and Thrustmaster T500 RS. Fanatec wheels (old models) are also supported. An adapter can be manufactured for any existing wheel base by request. Note, wheel weighs more than most original steering wheels and has a dimater of 285mm. it will slightly reduce Force Feedback strength.

Links: Roso F1 Wheel Website

Carbon fibers

Carbon fibers are used for real F1 steering wheels and F1 chassis. This material has a fantastic strength to weight ratio. Unique 3D appearance can only be achieved with genuine carbon fibers.

Multifunctional Display (SLI-Pro)

Multifunctional display is the heart of the steering wheel. It can show various data, including shift points, rev lights, gear, speed as well as all kinds of temperatures of your car. Furthermore, time info such as lap times, best times, sector times, session time, time differences between drivers etc, can also be displayed. The display is controlled with two rotary switches on the bottom of the wheel. It features 6 additional leds, plus 3 additional led indicators at the bottom of the wheel. Additional led indicators can be used for warning and various indications, for example: low fuel, overheating, in pits, optimal shift point, damage, flags etc.

Real Leather Grips

Grips are wrapped in real leather for the best possible feel in the hand. The leather (and other optional materials, see paragraph Options) is hand-stitched by professionals.

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Shift and Clutch Paddles

Each wheel features adjustable shift and clutch paddles. Clutch paddles use Hall sensors to operate. Hall sensors provide high precision and they can never wear out (no spiking). Clutch paddles operate on separate axis and can be used for throttle and brake if you can’t use pedals.

Thumb Rotary Encoders

Each wheel features two thumb rotary encoders at the sides of the wheel. They allow extremely elegant and easy control without lifting your hand from the wheel. These thumb rotary encoders can be configured for any action that requires two button operation (increment-decrement)

Buttons and Switches

The wheel features 12 buttons, one additional rotary encoder, central rotary switch with 12 configurable positions, one additional 12 position rotary switch (preconfigured to keyboard functions keys F1 to F12), rotary switch for display brightness, two thumb rotary encoders and two 12 position switches for changing display information.

Roso Electrical Quick Release

Back of the wheel features electrical quick release steering boss. It allows easy removal of the wheel from the steering wheel base, just like in real racing.

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Different Materials for Grips

Instead of real leather which comes with standard wheel, you can choose two other materials.
– Alcantara – high end material used in professional racing steering wheels
– Carbon look material – durable synthetic material with embossed carbon fibers texture. In hand it feels like something between leather and rubber.

High Quality Pushbutton Switches

Instead of standard switches you can choose high quality Knitter switches that are used in professional racing. They provide excellent mechanical snap action. Unlike the standard buttons they are higher, have better “click” feel and have removable cap so the colors layout can be rearranged any time.

Lifeline Electrical Quick Release

Lifeline electrical quick release boss is a high end FIA approved component used in professional racing. Compared to the standard Roso electrical quick release it has lower weight.

Software & Compatibility

The steering wheel works on PC only. It requires one USB port for connection. Supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista and 7 (32 and 64 bit versions). The wheel is plug and play, meaning no additional software is needed for buttons, paddles and switches to operate. For display unit to work with supported games plugin files are required.

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The installation of the wheel is quite simple and straightforward. It all comes down to removing your original steering wheel and putting the quick release adapter on its place. After that you simply “click” your wheel in place with quick release mechanism.
Watch Youtube Wheel Installation Video


Wheels are hand made. To buy the wheel it is necessary to pay in advance. Waiting time is usually 4 to 6 weeks after the payment.

If you decide to purchase the wheel, contact Roso with details which wheel you want (standard or with some optional components). The only payment option is with bank transfer and Paypal. Other services are not available. All prices are in € (Euro) and don’t include VAT. Keep in mind, VAT and customs duties will have to be paid once the wheel reaches your country. It depends on your country’s tax rates.

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