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BlueTiger Motion Simulators are the next big advance for sim racing. BlueTiger gives riders an exciting and realistic experience by precisely matching the motion of the simulator with the vehicle action inside the game. With BlueTiger you feel dynamic forces like centrifugal force, physical position (like tip on a high banked oval), and details right down to the road texture.

As in real race cars, good design is always a balance between strength and performance. The BlueTiger Motion Simulator is very light weight and extremely strong for agressive home, commerical, and arcade use.

Links: BlueTiger Website

BlueTigerBlueTiger uses a combination of fast and slow frequency movements proportional to action in the game to convince the rider that they are experiencing both the dynamic forces of acceleration, braking, and centrifugal force, and physical position like driving up and down a hill. In addition to the primary dynamic and physical forces, a variety of special effects such as engine vibrations, road surface texture, bumping, etc. are created.

The base of the simulator houses the power supply, control electronics, and motors. The sled is the moving part of the system and is attached to the top of the base. A ballistic nylon bellows is between the base and the sled to protect moving parts from dust and debris. The base uses bolt-on outrigger legs for free standing stability, or it can be bolted directly to the floor (or a floor plate) using flanges.

BlueTiger is designed to accommodate LCD monitors or televisions up to 42″. The Monitor Mounting Frame & Bracket assembly is adjustable to fit the spacing for typical flat panel mounting.

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