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simBOOTsimBOOT has 10 years of dedicated executional consideration related to simulated auto racing footware. simBOOT is a complicated product that seems simple due to the face that everyone wears shows. Like any other sport, simulated auto racing has very specific needs. simBOOT has dedicated many years searching for a solution specifically related to footwear for sim racers.

simBOOT is custom made to fulfill your needs as a simulated auto racer searching for a solution that allows you to get as close as you can to racing in your socks with the added benefit of having grip where you need it all while continuing to feel the pedals.

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Each simBOOT is made to each customer’s unique measurements and toe shape. Customers can also choose your grip placement and chose of color.


SOX use the base sock of the well-known HANES® brand. The grip material is applied in simBOOTs unique way allowing you to have grip on the interior and exterior of chosen grip zones of the heal area or the toe area, but not on both per foot.

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