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SymProjects offers several sim racing accessories that are compatible with iRacing. Shift lights, gear indicators, speedometers and more.

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The Pro-Race is a powerful but easy to use display that can be mounted on a wheel, dashboard or button box. It is also an USB joystick controller but this functionality can be disabled if needed.

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  • 11 LEDs for shift lights
  • 12 LEDs that can be used to display the state of the flags, traction control, speed limiter, level of fuel, water temperature or something else. Almost any data available from the simulator can be associated to these LEDs.
  • 0.56” gear indicator.
  • A 3-digits display for speed, current position, current lap, or fuel level.
  • A 6-digit display for lap time, rpm, speed or other data available.
  • The joystick controller has 20 digital inputs that can be connected to push buttons, toggle buttons or rotary encoders.
  • 4 way POV hat switch

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Rev Burner

The Rev Burner USB Board is a new product for the people who really want the racing simulation to be as real as possible. If you are busy building your custom cockpit you may be already using parts from a real car, like the seat, the steering wheel or the hand brake. But until now there was no way to use a real rev counter, unless you disassemble it and use servo or step motors to drive the needle.

The Rev Burner USB Board makes it possible for everyone to connect a REALrev counter to the computer USB port and use it with the most popular simulators. The most popular games are supported but the list is constantly updated to include the most recent simulators.

GI Max Gear Indicator

The GI Max is a USB gear indicator, similar to the GI Pro but much bigger: its display is 33mm by 47mm. The colour of the display is RED and the brightness can be adjusted using the software. The connector is a MINI USB which is also used to power the board, so no external power supply is required.

If you require a more compact installation the GI Max is also available with special connectors soldered on the PCB and a matching USB cable that won’t tale space on the side of the display but on the back.

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SPI-D Digital Speedometer

The SPI-D is a USB digital speedometer, and includes a shift light. The colour of the 3 digits display and shift light is red and the brightness can be adjusted with the software. The display connects to the USB port and no external power supply is needed.

The connector is a MINI USB but if you require a more compact installation the SPI-D display is also available with special connectors soldered on the PCB and a matching USB cable that won’t tale space on the side of the display but on the back.

SimScreen SS-01

The SimScreen SS-01 is a graphic LCD with resolution 128×64. Its dimensions are 86mm x 70mm, including the pcb and the backlight. The active area of the display is 67mm x 34mm. The SimScreen is very compact and with a depth of only 22 mm can be integrated into custom wheels and push button panels very easily.

To make the SimScreen very flexible, the aspect of the display is completely dynamic. The user will create his own design using an editor and will choose what data to display and how it should be represented. The type of data items that can be added to a design ranges from engine data (rpm, gear, speed, oil temp, fuel, turbo pressure…) to tyres data (pressure, temperature, or wear and brake temperature)  or many others including lap time, best lap time, distance from the leader or from the next car, number of current lap, current position…

Each data item can be represented with a number, a gauge, a bar, a chart or with an animation you will draw.

Pro Shift

The Pro Shift is a compact and easy to use board which allows you to drive up up 16 LEDs. The size of the board is 66mm x 33mm and it is power by the USB port, so it doesn’t require an external power supply.

Each LED can be individually configured to turn on when the associate data item is equal, below or above a threshold value. The data items that can be associate to each LED range from engine data (including rpm, speed, oil temperature, fuel level, turbo pressure), to tyres data (temperature, pressure, wear, brake temperature) or many other included turn lights, headlights, battery or oil or hand brake warning lights.

Each LED can also be configured to blink at three different speeds when switched on.


The DLC-247 (Displays and LEDs Controller 24 x 7 segments displays) is an USB controller able to drive up to 24 7-segment displays or up to 192 LEDs or a combination of displays and LEDs. The DLC-247 is very flexible but at the same time easy to use. It can be used to drive the LEDs of a shift light array or to build a digital speedometer, a gear indicator display , to show the water or oil temperatures, fuel level or the state of the dashboard’s warning lights.

Joystick Controllers

  • JC24 Joystick Controller – Joystick controller with 24 digital inputs or up to 12 rotary encoders.
  • JC32 Joystick Controller – The JC32 is an extremely easy to use but power joystick controller. It can be used to add analog axis, push buttons, rotary encoders or toggle buttons to your projects.

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