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Z1 Sim Wheel

Z1 Sim Wheel has built very in-depth software useful to any sim racer. With telemetry and track maps and numerous information screens, sim racers will find all kinds of useful information to help improve lap times.

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Garage Display

When you are in the garage (ie not in the car) there are up to six different screens to help you learn about your current session. The bottom of the screen contains various buttons allowing you to switch between displays.

  • Statistics Screen: This screen shows your name, car type, track name and length, and session type. The screen goes on to summarize your current session, with session and stint lap times, both average and fastest. It also shows fuel consumption per lap for the session and stint; the number of laps driven in the session and stint, and your overall position.
  • Notes screen: This screen shows user defined text that would be useful to have on hand. Each car and track combination can have its own set of notes.
  • Lap Times screen: This screen shows all of your lap times from the current session along with fastest sector information.
  • Standings screen: This screen shows the standings from the current session, with each driver’s name, lap time, difference to fastest lap and the number of laps completed.
  • Settings screen: This screen allows you to set various options within the software, including units, input methods and display options.
  • Telemetry screen: This screen allows you to select a pre-recorded telemetry lap file, sync the sim’s replay with the display’s replay, and then play back the telemetry in real time, viewing tire temperatures, ride heights, shock deflections, g-forces, speed, rpms, gear, and throttle and brake application. (For iRacing only).


The Z1 Dashboard software incorporates easy telemetry analysis for iRacing ibt telemetry files. (Note that the telemetry analysis is only available for iRacing.) The analysis is not intended to replace a sophisticated system such as Atlas, but rather to provide a quick way to view, in real-time, the basics. The analysis of the telemetry incorporates two screens: the telemetry selection screen, and the telemetry analysis screen.

  • Telemetry Selection Screen: This screen allows you to select any saved telemetry file for the current car and track combination. Once your lap has been selected you can then synchronize iRacing’s replay to place your car at the beginning of the appropriate lap by using the buttons on the dasboard interface.
  • Telemetry Analysis Screen: The analysis screen lets you play a lap in real time, simultaneously viewing the replay and the telemetry. You can skip ahead or back or play the lap in slow motion. All the while the tire temperatures are displayed graphically and numerically, along with tire pressures, the car’s ride height, and shock deflection.

A friction circle is also included, showing lateral and longitudinal g-forces. Finally the current gear, speed, RPM, throttle and brake application are displayed.

Track Maps

The Z1 Dashboard software includes the ability to display the position of all cars on the track in real time. Easily see which cars are in the pits; which are on track; which are ahead of you; and which are behind you. You can specify which colors are used to to draw all of these cars, making the track map fit your needs perfectly.

The track map uses a background image to display the main map, with overlays for the cars and sectors. This allows you to incorporate your own track map for more customization. Want corner numbers or corner names, or notes? Simply mark up the background image for the appropriate track.

The key features of the track map display include:

  • Current real time position of all cars
  • Position of your car after a pit stop. Excellent for determining when to pit so you exit in clean air of ahead of a competitor!
  • Customizable colors for the following 7 different car types:
        1. Your car
        2. The car ahead of you
        3. The car behind you
        4. Cars in the pits
        5. Cars off track
        6. The leader
        7. All other cars
  • Sector positions can be optionally displayed on the map.
  • Time different to cars ahead and behind you during a race.
  • Time different to the fastest lap during practice.

In addition to all these features, the track map display also includes the timing and fuel data you’ve come to expect from the Z1 Dashboard software.

Z1 LCD Screen Box

Need a screen to run the software on? The Z1 LCD Screen box is the perfect solution. The software is designed with this box in mind, matching its 480 x 272 pixel resolution and touch panel for maximum results.

• Small and compact display
• Can easily be permanently integrated into your sim racing cockpit
• Resistive touch panel works when wearing racing gloves (unlike phones or tablets)
• Single USB connection makes connecting to your PC easy.
• Wired connection prevents lag, dropped connections and interference from outside applications as occurs on phones and tablets.

LCD Box specs:
• Screen Resolution: 480 x 272 pixels (16 bit color)
• Box Construction: powder coated aluminum.
• Carbon Fiber: Optional carbon fiber front panel.
• Height: 86mm (3-3/8 inches)
• Width: 130mm (5-1/8 inches)
• Depth:20mm (13/16 of an inch)
• Weight: 175 grams.

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