Thursday, April 2, 2020
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iAppStarter is a utility program that starts other applications whenever iRacing is launched. It can also close the applications it has opened when iRacing is closed. It is written in C# and running on Microsoft .NET 4.0 iAppStarter is useful to launch programs used with iRacing, whenever iRacing is open, such as iSpeed.

How It Works

  • You add new rows for programs to start by pressing the “Add new row” button at the top
  • In order to then choose which programs to start, press the “Browse…” buttons
  • If you want to supply start arguments to the programs you can do so be entering them into the “Arguments” column.
  • If you want the program to be closed whenever iRacing is exited again, check the checkbox in the “AutoClose” column. If this checkbox is not checked, the program will remain open when iRacing is closed.
  • The button “Test starting apps” can be used to make iAppStarter start all the programs without iRacing being started. Good for testing purposes.
  • The button “Test closing apps” can be used to make iAppStarter close all the programs where the “AutoClose” column checkbox has been checked without having to start and then exit iRacing. Good for testing purposes.

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