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Build Release Notes: 08-29-2012

League Sessions – The league sessions tab now shows upcoming league sessions and contains pagination. You can restrict the view to just one league’s sessions, or view only sessions that you can EDIT

League Calendar – The league calendar bug has been fixed, so now your events should show up under the correct month and all of your scheduled events should show up.

League Email – Emails sent from your league will be more descriptive so that it is obvious it is a league e-mail. There is also the ability to opt in/out of league emails on a per league basis.

League Privacy – We have added the ability to keep some of your league information private. You can now select the following privacy options. Hide League Discussion, Hide Race Schedule, Hide Race Results, Hide League Members. The privacy settings do not effect any members of you league – they only apply to non-league members.

Other minor league bug fixes/adjustments.

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