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Week 13 is Back

Week 13 is upon us once again, beginning Monday at 8:00pm EST. Much like previous seasons, iRacing will hold two official series and several fun series to run during the week.

iRacing runs official series racing as 12 week segments. Following the 12th week of racing, iRacing takes one week “off”, to allow for major sim updates. Updates that may drastically change cars, setups and tracks. This week allows the updates to happen and ensure there are no bugs during official racing. The 13th week is usually fun races, using popular cars and tracks and usually a fun series using a new car and/or track that is released with the build.

In this 13th season, everyone from Rookie Class up to Class B will be able to race official races to earn Safety Rating and iRating, giving members one last chance to increase their license ratings before promotions for Season 1. Rookies will have the opportunity to race two official races or four time trials in each category to graduate to a D Class for Season 1.

Official Series will include the SpecRacer Ford Challenge for the road side, and the Street Stock Challenge on the oval side.

  • SRF Challenge – Spec Racer Ford
    Okayama (long and short), Charlotte (road), Laguna Seca, Summit Point (Jefferson Reverse) and Lime Rock.
  • Street Stock Challenge – JR Motorsports Street Stock
    Thompson, South Boston, Lanier, Charlotte (both Legends and 1.5 mile ovals), Oxford Plains and USA.

Unofficial/Fun Series will have fun with the Carburetor Cup and several 24 Hours of Fun Sessions all week long.

  • Carburetor Cup – Impala A
    Talladega Superspeedway
  • 24 Hours of Fun – Impala B & Silverado (Mixed Class)
    Rockingham, Charlotte and Daytona
  • 24 Hours of Fun – Cadillac, Ford Falcon, Ford GT, Corvette and McLaren
    Spa and Suzuka
  • 24 Hours of Fun – FW31
    Interlagos (once released)
  • iRacing Gymkhana Challenge – Legends, Mazda MX5-Cup and SpecRacer Ford
    Oran Park (North B)

There is plenty of great competition for Week 13 with a lot of anticipation around the new build.

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