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iracedashiRaceDash provides telemetry for iRacing, including data for speed, RPM, gears, fuel, pedal position, oil temp, water temp, position, and lap data.

Links: Apple Store | Google Play Store



iRaceDash provides telemetry output for the popular motor-sports simulation iRacing.

– Speed
– RPM (moving bar & digits)
– Gear Shift Indicator LEDs
– Gas & Brake Pedal Position Indicators
– Fuel
– Oil Temperature
– Water Temperature
– Position
– Lap Number
– Best Lap Time
– Last Lap Time
– Delta Lap Time



The iRaceDash application is made up of two parts. The Android or iOS application and the iRaceDash Server application available here.

The server application allows telemetary data generated by iRacing to be transmitted over UDP to the iRaceDash Android or iOS application using wireless.

1. Start iRaceDash Server on your iRacing computer

2. Start the iRaceDash application on your Android or iOS device

3. Ensure that the IP address in the iRaceDash application settings matches that of your iRacing computer

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4. Ensure that the Port in the iRaceDash application matches the listening port shown in the iRaceDash Server application

5. To use iRacing ‘Black box’ functionality you must use the default keyboard settings in iRacing



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