Thursday, April 2, 2020
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SimShiftLight turns your device into a shift light unit (and more) for motorsports simulators! Each car has its own user customizable RPM where the shift light turns on. In addition to the shift light, the current gear is displayed, with customizable font size.

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Another very useful feature is the successful downshift indicator. All real and sim race car drivers know how crucial the brake/downshift/turn-in phase is, and how critical it is that each downshift is carried out correctly. Some cars require rev-matching for downshift, and it is easy to miss a down shift. With the successful downshift indicator, SimShiftLight helps you detect each successful (and failed) down shift without taking your eyes off the road. With each down shift, the gear background blinks green to indicate success. The blink duration is user customizable to the millisecond. The feature is furthermore possible to completely disable if not wanted.

Effort has been made in the design of SimShiftLight to minimize latency from sim output to display in SimShiftLight. On compatible devices, the latency between the PC sending data to the device via Wifi to device detection is only a few milliseconds! Unavoidable latency added by simulator output frequency etc. are added to the final latency figure, but the end result is very responsive. See the video for a demonstration.

Currently, the iRacing motorsports simulator is supported.

In addition to this application, you also need a small, light-weight application (the server) which runs on your simulator PC and sends data to your device and the SimShiftLight app.

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