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Reed Rundell’s Chevy SS Addons

posted by Reed Rundell

Nothing major or earth shattering, but some help and some additional add on parts, etc for everyone to use.

Links:  Reed Rundell's Chevy SS Metallic Layers (1766 downloads)

Include with this template

Color guides/labels for areas that have been questioned and assorted alpha channels, ie: Hood/roof (area cut directly under the roof rails ), decklid, side skirts and roof rails.

New decals

Goodyears and Chev SS, including outside stroke layers that can be hidden. These layers are as close to the original as possible, done in hi rez and include the outside stroke layer. DO NOT MOVE THESE FORWARD OR BACK!! There is a small area of the decal that is on the nose layer for both sides as this goes over a seam. If you move them, this will NOT line up!!

Roof cam and decals

Jack Markers and arrows

Exhaust “stains” with exhaust plate (plate can be hidden) including “stains” for light and dark colored cars

Metallic Layers

You’ll find a folder with labeled metallic layers for different areas of the car. I decided to go ahead and separate out these layers as I found that sometimes I may want higher or lower levels of metallics in certain areas of the car. You can adjust them as to your taste by trying different levels of opacity, different attributes, doubling them up with a highlight and a multiply, etc………..Or you can merge them all as one and just use them as an overlay. There is also ” flake” layer that again can be used many different ways. The way they are in the template are exactly how they are in my example picture. Experiment and enjoy!!!

I would appreciate that if used, that occasionally you give credit, that they NOT be posted for download without my permission and most of all, please don’t claim them as yours. A lot of work went in to these and I would appreciate that respect.

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