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07.31.2013 Release Notes


– Support for the Oculus Rift has been put back in.

– Fixed an issue with the garage physics that greatly reduces the amount of jitter that can occur on some cars.

– Fixed an issue in the garage where it was improperly performing an automatic [Apply].

– Improved the efficiency of some data exchange between the race server and the simulation. This will reduce the delay before being allowed on-track when connecting late to sessions with lots of drivers that have run lots of laps.

– The on-screen control to turn the reference car on/off is now only enabled in session types where the reference car is allowed.

– Fixed some telemetry variable descriptions so that .csv files work correctly.

– Output only the start-of-the-session weather to the telemetry to reduce the impact on parsing the session information.

– The frame rate and simulation CPU usage are now output to the telemetry.

Chevy SS Gen6

– Updated setups to make sure they pass tech.

Dallara IndyCar

– Updated setups.

Ford Fusion-Gen6

– The driver is now sitting comfortably in his seat.

– Updated setups to make sure they pass tech.

Lotus 49

– Fixed a graphical issue with the suspension swingarms.

– The brake bias knob now stays put.

McLaren MP4-12C GT3

– The brake bias knob now stays put.

Irwindale Speedway

– Better scenic cameras for the Figure 8 configuration.

Long Beach

– Fixed some pit stalls where it was difficult or impossible to receive pit service, or engage the starter on certain cars.

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