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Driver swaps are still coming to iRacing sim; soon

Tony Gardner commented on iRacing driver swaps this week. This long awaited project, expected to be released to the iRacing community more than a year ago is still in the works but will not be released in the coming build.

It is still coming, we are using it in the office now in our local environment and it is great fun. However, It will not be in this coming build. Just so many little details that are still being worked on.

Certainly no promises but that is is the goal (season 3). However, It is too early to say if that is realistic or not. Once we drop it in alpha, will have a much better idea. In a few weeks should have a much better idea.

Teams are associated with driver swaps and will roll out at the same time. We will allow teams in certain series in which you can either ad-hoc let people join your team right before the race (or not) or you could officially enter a pre-created team in a race. Obviously we had to work through things like how this impacts safety rating, iRating, what constitutes a fair share of laps for someone on a team for scoring. The scoring itself including all the new tables and even things like awards and certificates and the list goes on and on. Although things like that even though lot of work, a small part of the project compared to all the work done to reengineer our system to allow proper and intuitive driver swaps. One car, the same car with many people getting in and out intuitively and still having full functionality and everything working correctly.

Although my guess like many is driver swaps might be even bigger in leagues and private racing.

 Also I probably did not answer your question in regard to scoring and points for official racing. How this will work for official racing is say there are 4 guys that drove on the team and did their fair share of laps. Will define fair share later. Anyway, however that team finishes, all 4 guys will score the full points based on how that team finished. If second place for that race get’s 20 points, all 4 guys will get 20 points. That is phase one for points that will probably be all that will be in the initial rollout. (lot of work just for that).

Then hopefully phase 2 will be that we also will have pure team championship standings so it will also track team standings for that group of 4 guys. Maybe and probably ideally when we have that, maybe we have team only events or series, or not.

 DX11 has nothing to do with driver swaps, I don’t know why that was brought up. Doing swaps for Official Racing really did not slow us down that much, a small part of project and really a different skill set on that part, it is database and web engineering and if we did not include it for official racing while doing it, would have been lot harder to go back.

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