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MPR Setup Analyzer

mprlogo2_setup_analyzerTo create a high quality setup takes more than a little preparation, a lot of practice, and a good bit of knowledge. This knowledge is not necessarily that of the car, although that helps, what I’m speaking of is knowledge of yourself!

Knowing your own limits, and routinely testing them, is what can make you a better driver. If you never explore these limits, you won’t learn how fast you can truly go. Lucky for you, online racing simulations offer unlimited drive time, and instant repairs during practice, so you can push ever harder towards your goal of running up front and winning races.

Where the Sim Racing Setup Analyzer excels is in offering adjustments for you, the driver, and not just generic adjustments for the car. Spreadsheets that tell you to adjust this for that condition, or wizard type programs can be helpful, but they are the “one size fits all” approach to setup design, and don’t begin to cover the various methods that can be employed to make the car handle better for you. This program not only derives recommendations from your input, but also analyzes a host of information from both the imported setup itself, and a comprehensive database of track related data.



  • Full setup export analysis via a proprietary diagnostic engine
  • Also accepts your input to help diagnose setup problems in multiple locations on the track
  • Uses SQL Express for comprehensive data analysis, storage and vehicle/workbook history
  • Built-in backup with scheduling for both database and workbook data
  • Inclusion of all official *cars and **tracks as of Feb 22, 2014 (new tracks added at no extra cost) *Cars sold in oval packs, road packs, or both. **tracks do not include iracing test tracks.
  • Not only will you get a recommended adjustment, but several alternates will be offered to account for differences in driver feel
  • To assist you with adjustments an explanation and visual aid will be available
  • A full featured workbook section, including a comprehensive notes section
  • You can tag various tested setups to represent your short run, long run, and qualify setups


About the Sim Racing Setup Analyzer

This is the user input page, where you can see details about the track, and how the program splits it up into diagnosis zones. By identifying each transitional part of the corner, we can tailor the diagnosis to a very specific condition. As you click the severity and condition buttons, the diagnosis will take place automatically.


 Once the diagnosis is complete, you navigate to the result page and will be presented with various recommended adjustments. Several alternates will also be available, as well as a zone specific diagnosis, to allow you to focus on a specific area of the track, or accept the overall recommendation. If you plan to make the adjustment, set the increment amount, then double click the recommendation to be able to save to a workbook if desired. If you are unsure how to adjust the item, right click the recommendation and visit the how to adjust area for instructions.


 Just as it says. It will show you how to adjust the item, and will blink in the picture to show you if just that item needs adjusting, or if it’s part of a multitude of adjustments.


 This shows your active workbook and/or allows you to save one. Part of every crew chiefs toolbox includes a detailed workbook for every car and track to describe what worked, what didn’t and what was tested. It will also allow you to tag various setups for qualifying, short and long runs and save them to your workbook for reference.


 Notes are an integral part of racing. No one should be forced to remember all the changes that were made or how the car felt on that particular run. With a comprehensive notes section, you can take the guesswork out of what you liked and didn’t like about each setup attempt.


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