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iRacing World Tour

2016 Endurance and Special Events

This year we are planning for 10 special events. They will all be single, stand-alone events as opposed to being part of a ‘series’. Details and schedule is below.

Schedule of events is subject to change.


daytona_backgroundDaytona 24 – January 23 – 24
Sebring 12-Hour – March 12
Indy 500 – May 21 – 23
Nurburgring 24 – June 4-5
6-Hours at the Glen – June 25
24 Hours of Spa – August 6 – 7
Italian Grand Prix – August 26 – 29
Petit Le Mans – September 24
Bathurst 1000 – October 15
24-Hours of Le Mans – date tbd

Race Times for Standard Races:

Saturday 1:00 GMT (Friday 8:00 PM est)
Saturday 20:00 GMT (Saturday 3:00 PM est)
Sunday 1:00 GMT (Saturday 8:00 PM est)
Sunday 12:00 GMT (Sunday 7:00 AM est)

Race Times for Endurance Races:

Saturday 13:00 GMT (Saturday 8 AM est)

*Note that we will not be adjusting times for daylight savings. GMT start time will always remain the same. You will need to convert to local time and allow for DST if your location observes it.

Race Distance: This will vary week to week. Some races will be timed others will be laps but generally speaking a lot of variety in the race distances.

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Member eligibility: All members in good standing with at least a Road D 4.0 (Oval D 4.0 will be required for Indy 500 event) are eligible to participate in these events. You do not have to compete in all races.

Server Farms: US servers only

Resets: None

Repairs: On

Race car setup: Open car sets so you can build your own, use a shared set from another member or use the iRacing setup that will be provided for each car participating in the series.

Race warm up: 10 minutes

Field size: Will vary by race

Cautions: local only (Indy 500 will have full course cautions)

Incident Limit: 30 per race except in endurance races where there will be no max

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Qualifying: 20 minute open qualifying session throughout the race week. Your fastest qualifying time will carry to all race session you join. You do not need to qualify in order to race. Indy 500 qualifying will be single car and take a four lap average (splits are set by qualifying time). Multi class races will be 20 minute open qualifying sessions (splits set by iRating).

Splits: Splits will be set by iRating, except for the Indy 500 which is set by qualifying time. Note that in team races only the iRating of the team driver(s) registered when the race session launches are included in this calculation of team iRating – it works this way because we don’t know who else will be joining the race on any given team.

Gridding: Grids will be set first by qualifying time, then by iRating.

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