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Gaming Cockpits & Seats

Obutto R3Volution Gaming Cockpit

ObuttoThe Obutto R3Volution Gaming Cockpit is the PREMIER gaming cockpit for Flight Sims, Racing Sims, and General Computer Use/Workstation Usage. The Obutto series of cockpits are the FIRST cockpits to ever be multi-task cockpits, catering to Flight Sim users, Racing Sim Users and General Workstation users, all in one. To top things off, your purchase will also come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Featuring a more aggresive design, further adjustability over the Obutto oZone, and even more stability. The Obutto R3Volution is simply the ultimate cockpit. Available accessories make the Obutto R3Volution also the most versatile, such as optional triple monitor mount, a set of acrylic tabletops to add some stellar style, but also some added function to your Obutto, and a flight stick mount for flight sim pilots. Some accessories in the above product images are not included with the base cockpit.



  • Real car sports seat with a slight tilt for comfort – The seat fully reclines and is adjustable on sliders.
  • Very stable steel frame with 2mm thick walled tubing
  • Fully articulating keyboard & mouse tray for optimal positioning
  • Includes a self-adhesive mouse pad material for covering all of keyboard & mouse tray, wheel deck mount, and pedal tray.
  • Separate monitor stand with single monitor mount to accommodate any size monitors from 19″ to 55″ and supports VESA 75×75, 100×100 and 100×200 patterns.
  • Main monitor mount has fully articulating arm with approx. 25cm of travel
  • Foot or pedal tray with angle & over 20cm of distance adjust-ability, pre-drilled for major racing and flight controllers (Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec)
  • Tall shifter mount to accommodate major H-pattern shifters (Logitech, Thrustmaster, Etc – FANATEC Shifters require hard mounting.) Also works as a throttle mount for slight sims.
  • Steering wheel mount is pre-drilled for major racing and flight controllers (Logitech (G25/27 & Flight controllers), Thrustmaster T500 RS, Saitek, Fanatec 911 & CSR wheels)
  • Steering wheel mount is pre-drilled with 75×75 & 100×100 VESA bolt patterns so displays can be mounted instead of controllers (For flight sim users)
  • Steering wheel mount is height, distance and tilt adjustable
  • Includes a 1.5mm thick self-adhesive neoprene for steering wheel mount & pedal tray (this softens the interface between the controllers and the steel mount, making it more comfortable, and allowing your devices to remain in pristine condition)
  • Hidden wire management inside the spine of the cockpit.
  • All required assembly Tools & Hardware. (Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Instructions, Wrench, Allen Keys.)
  • Cup Holder – Hold your favorite brew or refreshment for those long gaming sessions.
  • 6 Month Warranty by Obutto. Limited Lifetime Warranty by Main Performance PC





revolution_mainimg__08204.1397677578.1280.1280 diamension_1_copy__05367.1392567656.1280.1280 post_11166_0_49427200_1362148992__22719.1425780652.1280.1280 251264_351552764934706_165381090_n__08336.1392567654.1280.1280 398234_351552751601374_712439820_n__26573.1392567654.1280.1280 199549_351552778268038_1072776241_n__63475.1392567654.1280.1280 523034_349937998392923_195299334_n__00643.1392567654.1280.1280 459924_349937938392929_1757844681_o__48358.1392567655.1280.1280 r3volution_flightstick_image__18190.1392567655.1280.1280 468004_349937821726274_1449759331_o__76723.1392567656.1280.1280 411697_349937848392938_1263711549_o__53659.1392567656.1280.1280 obutto2012_zhongwen_deskpic__24102.1392567656.1280.1280 OGC_R3V_WILLCALL_6__76821.1392567657.1280.1280

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