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iRacing will be hosting their annual Daytona 500. Now apart of the NASCAR Series, the first event will kick off on February 16 and run through February 22, 2016.

Setups: There will be both Open and Fixed setup series running concurrently.

iracing_2016_daytona 500Race times: 

Fixed Series:
Friday 2:00 GMT (Thursday 9:00pm est)
Saturday 10:00 GMT (Saturday 5:00am est)
Saturday 17:00 GMT (Saturday 12:00pm est)
Monday 2:00 GMT (Sunday 9:00pm est)

Open Series:
Thursday 2:00 GMT (Wednesday 9:00pm est)
Saturday 2:00 GMT (Friday 9:00pm est)
Sunday 15:00 GMT (Sunday 10:00am est)

Race distance: 200 Laps

iRacing member eligibility: Oval license level D4.0 class and above are eligible.

Resets: No resets

Server farms: US Servers only

Qualifying: Single car 2-lap attached qualifier. Posting a qualifying time is not required to enter the race.

Lucky Dog rule: The iRacing Lucky Dog rule will be in effect

Incident limits: 22 max incidents

Field size: 32 cars max

Caution flags: Full course cautions

Other competition notes: Splitting will be done by iRating. Gridding will be done first by qualifying and then by iRating. You do not need to post a qualifying time in order to race. The standard iRacing points system is in place.

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