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The DSD Race King r12 LED

The DSD Race King r12 LED pushes the envelope of button controllers for sim racing enjoyment.  This device is jam packed with functions and integrates LED illuminated pushbuttons to enhance the use experience to the highest level possible.

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  • The DSD Race King r12 LED has the following functions:
  • Derek Speare Designs10 – LED Illuminated Pushbuttons
  • 1 – Lighted FVS Button
  • 5 – On/Off Toggles
  • 4 – Two Way Momentary Toggles
  • 1 – 12 Position Rotary Switch
  • 4 – Two Way Rotary Encoders each with Integrated Pushbutton

Folks, this makes a total of 48 unique functions!  There’s nothing even close to the edge this will give you!

It’s KING SIZE and measures approximately 7.5″ x 10.25″ x 4″ or 190mm x 260mm x 100mm.  It will be the component to make your sim racing setup the King of the Race!


dsd_race_king_r12_led_ss1 dsd_race_king_r12_led_ss2 dsd_race_king_r12_led_ss3 dsd_race_king_r12_led_ss4 dsd_race_king_r12_led_ss5 dsd_race_king_r12_led_ss6 dsd_race_king_r12_led_ss7 dsd_race_king_r12_led_ss8 dsd_race_king_r12_led_ss9 dsd_race_king_r12_led_ss10 dsd_race_king_r12_led_ss11

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