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Special Events

Eddie Kerner wins $10,000 in Landon Cassill’s Qualifying Challenge

Eddie Kerner won the Landon Cassill Qualifying Challenge presented by SelectBlinds at virtual Darlington Raceway.

Kerner posted a lap of 27.583 seconds, just .001 of a second over second place Donovan Strauss to take home the top prize of $10,000.

Santiago Tirres placed third with a 27.595. Jose Solis Jr. finished fourth, tied with Malik Ray (in fifth), with a time of 57.596.

Final Results

1Eddie Kerner9827.583
2Donovan Strauss1427.584
3Santiago Tirres3627.595
4Jose Solis Jr7527.596
5Malik Ray5127.596
6Seth DeMerchant5727.607
7Keegan Leahy2627.612
8Casey Kirwan1727.613
9Allen Boes2127.615
10Mitchell Hunt7127.629
11Isaac Gann3427.63
12Nathan Lyon4027.632
13Alex McCollum35427.637
14Justin Bolton1027.638
15Logan Clampitt2427.639
16Alex Labbe9027.646
17Zack Novak2227.648
18Jason Lofing3327.65
19Bryan Blackford4127.651
20Hunter O Johnson1227.653
21Ray Alfalla227.657
22Timmy Hill6627.67
23Jimmy Mullis4627.67
24Steven Wilson33227.672
25Adam Gilliland827.673
26Michael Conti3527.674
27Nick Ottinger2527.68
28Denny Hamlin9927.698
29Ryan Doucette7727.702
30Landon Cassill1627.709
31John Gorlinsky9727.714
32Garrett Smithley3127.715
33AJ Henderson2327.724
34Graham A. Bowlin1845.74
35Brodie Kostecki450.159
36Garrett Lowe3953.492
37Bobby Zalenski8359.753
38Matt Bussa501:04.0

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