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iRacing Week 13 Caps Off 2021 Season 4

iRacing will be featuring their usual mix of new content and feature-focused series, a handful of official events to keep your skills sharp, and our typical slate of revolving fun-first series, iRacing Week 13 is back to wrap up 2021 Season 4!

Here’s a look at everything to watch for during build week:

Unofficial New Content and Features Series (coming after the 2022 Season 1 build)

  • 13th Week Touring Car Challenge: Featuring the Hyundai Elantra N TC and Honda Civic Type R, Knockhill, and Watkins Glen
  • 13th Week Shiny New Shakedown: Featuring the Mercedes-AMG W12 E Performance
  • 13th Week Rookie Legends Cup: Featuring the Rookie Legends car

Official Series

  • Oval
    • 13th Week Street Stock Challenge
    • Winter iRacing NASCAR Series
  • Road
    • 13th Week Mazda Cup
    • 13th Week Ferrari GT3 Challenge
    • 13th Week Porsche Cup Series
  • Dirt Oval
    • 13th Week Dirt Street Stock Challenge
    • 13th Week DIRTcar UMP Modified Fixed
  • Dirt Road
    • 13th Week iRacing Rallycross Series
    • 13th Week iRacing RX Lite

Unofficial Series

  • Oval
    • Carburetor Cup
    • Pickup Cup
    • Dallara Dash
    • 13th Week Tin Top Tussle (Next Gen vs. Truck vs. ARCA on superspeedways)
    • 13th Week iRacing Identity Crisis (GT3, fixed, on short and intermediate ovals)
  • Road
    • 13th Week Ridiculousness (Vee vs. Radical vs. HPD)
    • 13th Week Battle of the Little Wings (Skippy vs. USF2000 vs. F3)
    • 13th Week iRacing Deutsche Drifters (Porsche 991 vs. 992)
  • Dirt Oval
    • 13th Week Super Slide (Pro 2 Lites)
    • 13th Week iRacing Figure GR8 (Pro 4 vs. Pontiac Solstice)
  • Time Attacks
    • Porsche Experience Center (all layouts)
  • Dirt Road
    • 13th Week Symkhana (VW Beetle Lite vs. Dirt Legends)

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