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NEW SERIES: MOAR Endurance Series

If you like solo endurance events like the ROAR, you are going to love this!

The MOAR Endurance Series, starting in Season 2, will feature biweekly races with limited time slots with some of our newest content in the Touring Car and GT4. These 2 hour long solo endurance events will follow along the IMSA Pilot Challenge schedule allowing drivers to have an opportunity to practice in race conditions before the endurance events. You can see more details on the series below.

Moar Endurance Series

  • Classes: GT4, Touring Car
  • Bi Weekly
  • 2 hour solo races
  • Follows IMSA Pilot Challenge Schedule
  • Saturday: 15:00 GMT (10am EST)
  • Sunday: 00:00 GMT (Sat 7pm EST)
  • Sunday: 20:00 GMT (3pm EST)

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