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General Tire eShort Course World Cup on CBS Sports Network

The General Tire eShort Course World Cup on iRacing aired on CBS Sports Network on Sunday, providing fans with an exciting virtual racing experience.

iRacing is a popular online racing simulation that allows players to compete in virtual races on a variety of tracks and vehicles. The General Tire eShort Course World Cup was a special event that featured some of the top short course off-road racers in the world, including several NASCAR and IndyCar drivers.

The event was held on a virtual version of the Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway, which is a popular venue for short course off-road racing. The race featured a unique format, with drivers competing in two rounds of qualifying followed by a main event.

The main event was a thrilling showdown between some of the best virtual racers in the world. Drivers had to navigate the challenging dirt track and avoid collisions with other vehicles to come out on top. In the end, it was NASCAR Cup Series driver Christopher Bell who took home the victory, earning the title of the first ever General Tire eShort Course World Cup champion on iRacing.

The event was a great success, providing fans with exciting racing action and showcasing the capabilities of iRacing as a platform for virtual racing. It is likely that we will see more events like the General Tire eShort Course World Cup on iRacing in the future, as the popularity of virtual racing continues to grow.

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