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iRacing Launches Active Reset

Active Reset is a useful feature in solo offline sessions that allows drivers to set a single save point for their car state and then practice and improve their performance on a specific section of the track.

To use Active Reset, the driver first needs to set a save point by pressing the Save Start Point key. This saves all possible parameters for the car, including fuel amount, speed, RPM, precise car position and wheel rotation, tire wear, damage states, and hybrid system values. However, the world state is not saved – time continues normally and all world parameters, except for the dynamic track state, remain as they are.

Once the save point is set, the driver can create an end point on the track and then press the Run key to load the save point. This restores the saved car state into the session and creates a new Custom Sector between the Save Start Point and the end point. The Custom Sector is marked with white checkerboard pattern lines at the start and end of the sector, and the delta bar reflects the driver’s performance through the sector.

One key advantage of Active Reset is that it automatically blends the driver’s current control inputs with those of the Save Start Point, creating a smooth transition experience. Additionally, the driver can hold down the Run key to apply the saved start point and then pause the simulator, allowing them to adjust their control inputs if needed.

It’s important to note that whenever a save point is loaded with Active Reset, the Current Lap attempt data is invalidated and the Active Reset save is cleared if the driver enters the garage. The Custom Sector checkpoint lines are not visible in replays and there is a 1.5 second cooldown period between the Save and Run actions. The minimum length for a Custom Sector is 4 meters, and by default, the Custom Sector Start Point is set 2 meters in front of the Active Reset Start Point.

In conclusion, Active Reset is a useful tool for drivers looking to improve their performance on a specific section of the track. It allows them to set a save point, practice and improve their performance on a Custom Sector, and then smoothly transition back to the saved start point to practice again.

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