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Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

Turn-by-Turn Guide to Mastering Spa-Francorchamps in iRacing

Spa-Francorchamps is a legendary circuit known for its challenging corners, high-speed sections, and iconic features. To help you tackle this exhilarating track in iRacing with precision and confidence, here’s a turn-by-turn guide that highlights the best way to attack each corner and maximize your performance.

Turn 1 – La Source

Approach La Source with a late apex, hugging the inside curb. Brake early and smoothly, gradually releasing the brake as you enter the corner. Aim to carry good momentum onto the straight leading to Eau Rouge.

Turn 2 – Eau Rouge / Raidillon

Eau Rouge is a legendary sequence that demands respect. Stay close to the right-hand side of the track as you enter, preparing for the uphill climb. Maintain a steady throttle input, gradually building speed and keeping the car balanced. Aim to hug the inside curb through Raidillon and smoothly transition onto the Kemmel Straight.

Turn 3 – Les Combes

Approach Les Combes from the right side of the track, setting up for a late apex through the first part of the corner. Be patient with the throttle application as you exit and avoid running wide, ensuring a clean line for the following left-hander.

Turn 4 – Malmedy

Brake firmly and smoothly for Malmedy, a slightly downhill left-hand corner. Stay tight to the inside curb, applying throttle progressively as you exit, being careful not to oversteer due to the camber change.

Turn 5 – Rivage

Enter Rivage from the right side of the track, aiming for a late apex. Be mindful of the curb on the inside, as it can upset the car’s balance. Get a clean exit, setting up for the run towards the fast and flowing section of the track.

Turn 6 – Turn 8 (Double Gauche)

Approach Turn 6 with a wide entry, hugging the right side of the track. Stay smooth and balanced as you navigate through the double-left corner. Avoid late apexing to maintain momentum for the following sections.

Turn 7 – Pouhon

Prepare for Pouhon by positioning your car towards the right side of the track. Brake gently and gradually, turning in smoothly to hit the apex. Be cautious of the track’s adverse camber through the second part of the corner. Focus on carrying good speed and maintaining control as you exit.

Turn 8 – Fagnes / Stavelot

Enter Fagnes with a wide entry and maintain a steady throttle as you navigate through the sweeping right-hander. Stay close to the inside curb, being careful not to run wide. Carry momentum and set yourself up for a clean exit towards Stavelot.

Turn 9 – Blanchimont

Approach Blanchimont from the right side of the track and position yourself towards the left for a late apex. Brake gently, keeping a smooth and controlled line through this high-speed left-hand corner. Avoid any abrupt inputs that may unsettle the car, allowing for a clean exit onto the final section of the track.

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Turn 10 – Bus Stop Chicane

Prepare for the Bus Stop Chicane by staying to the left side of the track. Brake firmly but smoothly, aiming for a late apex through the first part of the chicane. Avoid hitting the curbs too aggressively, as they can upset the car’s balance. Maintain control and exit cleanly, setting yourself up for a strong run to the finish line.

By following this turn-by-turn guide and practicing consistently, you’ll develop the skills and confidence needed to navigate Spa-Francorchamps in iRacing with precision and speed. Remember to adapt your approach based on the car you’re driving and track conditions, and continuously fine-tune your techniques to optimize your performance. Good luck and enjoy the thrilling experience of mastering this legendary circuit!

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