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Getting Around: Mount Panorama Circuit

Mastering Mount Panorama Circuit in iRacing: A Turn-by-Turn Guide

Mount Panorama Circuit in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia, is a legendary track known for its challenging and exhilarating layout. In this comprehensive turn-by-turn guide, we will break down each corner of the circuit and provide tips on how to attack them for optimal lap times. Whether you’re a seasoned iRacing driver or a newcomer looking to conquer this iconic track, this guide will help you navigate Mount Panorama with confidence and precision.

Turn 1 (Hell Corner)

Approach wide and brake early, preparing for the entry to Mountain Straight. Cut in tight on the inside, aiming for a late apex to maximize your exit speed onto the long straight.

Turn 2 (Griffins Bend)

Stay wide on the approach and brake in a straight line. Turn in smoothly, hitting the inside curb, and focus on a clean exit to carry momentum into the next section.

Turn 3 (The Cutting)

Prepare for a blind apex and a downhill section. Turn in early and aim for the inside curb, avoiding a late apex that can compromise your speed down the hill.

Turns 4-6 (Reid Park)

Exercise patience and smoothness through this series of corners. Brake gently, turn in, and focus on maintaining a good line and exit speed out of Turn 6 for the climb up the Mountain.

Turns 7-9 (Sulman Park)

Brake early for Turn 7 and stay tight to the inside. Carry good speed through the downhill chicane (Turns 8 and 9) while avoiding the curbs that can upset the car’s balance.

Turn 10 (McPhillamy Park)

Approach from the left side of the track and brake hard. Hug the inside line, avoiding the curb, and maintain control as you crest the hill.

Turn 11 (Brock’s Skyline)

Brake early and turn in smoothly, focusing on a clean exit. Be cautious of the blind entry and prepare for the steep descent that follows.

Turn 12 (The Esses)

Stay to the right after Skyline and brake early for Turn 12. Aim for the inside curb and maintain a good line through the left-right combination, carrying speed onto Conrod Straight.

Turns 13-14 (Forrest’s Elbow)

Approach wide for Turn 13, braking in a straight line. Turn in smoothly, avoiding a late apex, and exit wide to set up for the high-speed Conrod Straight.

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Turns 15-23 (The Chase)

Brake hard and turn in for Turn 15. Maintain a smooth line through this challenging chicane, avoiding the curbs for stability and maximizing traction.

Turn 23 (Murray’s Corner)

Approach from the left and brake early. Turn in smoothly, aiming for the inside curb, and focus on a strong exit onto Pit Straight to start another lap.

Conclusion: Mastering Mount Panorama Circuit in iRacing requires practice, precision, and a deep understanding of each corner’s nuances. By following this turn-by-turn guide and refining your techniques, you’ll be well on your way to conquering the challenges of this iconic track. Remember to experiment with different lines and braking points to find what works best for you. Embrace the thrill and excitement of Mount Panorama, and may your laps be fast and flawless!

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