Wednesday, February 26, 2020


2009.05.07 Build Release Notes

Graphics Added an option to renderer.ini to override the recent cockpit mirror optimization. The optimization still defaults to enabled. Set CockpitMirrorOptimization=0 to disable the optimization and render every mirror every frame. Spotter Spotter volume control works again. Web Best laps …

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2009.02.24 Build Release Notes

Texas Motor Speedway is now available. Replays should now load from My Documents locations that are mapped over a network. The tach needle in the COT replays should work now, but previously saved replays will still have a non functional …

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2009.02.11 Build Release Notes

Cars Adjusted Silverado side mirror so that it shows a view similar to the Impala The Riley Daytona Prototype is available. It has a wealth of aerodynamic adjustability, plus adjustable bump stop gaps with 1mm shims! The total aerodynamic downforce …

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