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2008 Build Notes

Web & Build Notes: 06.05.2008

Physics Updates

Cars which have just reappeared either due to having a large position or orientation discrepancy (usually during a crash) or whose driver has just entered the car are now not collideable for two seconds after appearing. This should alleviate some problems with being taken out by latency effects or unfortunate pit exits.

All the cars have more accurate chassis inertia numbers, so the response rates have changed. Some cars have higher moments, some lower.

The impact levels for 0x and 4x car contacts and 3x wall contacts now take the car mass into account (lighter cars will get incidents a bit more easily).

There are now 0x wall contacts for light brushes with the wall.

The Rookie cars now allow you to view tire information in the garage, although no changes can be made, or setups loaded or saved.

All cars now have baseline setups, so the error message that a baseline setup couldn?t be found should no longer occur.

The effect of camber is more correct?driving over the edge of a curb does not upset the cars as much.

There have been tire changes made to several of the cars, most notably the Late Model, Formula Mazda, SR8, and SK Modified.


The USAC Series Silver Crown car has been added. Be afraid.

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The ambient occlusion level for each car?s cockpit has been tweaked. The cockpits should no longer appear to be as dark.

The Radical’s mirror angle has been tweaked.

The Radical’s front fender will no longer flicker when damaged.

The Solstice’s brake lights are now hooked up.

The Skip Barber Formula 2000?s steering wheel no longer flickers.


Added the Infineon Raceway Long Circuit which is generally used by Clubs.

Track Bump Maps

Many incorrect surface bumps, mainly where racing paths merged together, have been fixed at several tracks (VIR, Lowes, etc.)

Remote Cars

The problem where cars in on-line sessions would sometimes arrive with all white paint jobs (and with helmets missing) has been fixed.

Tweaked Late Model remote car orientation to hopefully improve the appearance of ‘dirt tracking’ in the corners.

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When first connecting to a race server the in-sim chat window will now list disconnected drivers as ‘disconnected’ rather than as large (usually negative) numbers.

Graphics Options Screen

The frame rate limit in the advanced graphics options is now adjustable and also better maintains the selected limit. If you are having stuttering issues you might try enabling this with a moderate FPS limit which may relieve some of the strain on your system?s resources and improve overall performance.

The virtual rear view mirror?s field-of-view (FOV) is now adjustable on the advanced graphics options page.

The graphical antialiasing level (1xAA, 2xAA, 4xAA multisampling) is now settable via the advanced graphics options. If you wish to use the in-sim settings you may first need to disable any override you may have previously enabled in your video driver’s settings. If you wish to use an AA setting other than those available in the current options screen, please continue to do so via your video driver’s overrides. The in-sim settings may allow you to choose an AA level which your card cannot handle, in such a case AA will silently revert to 1x during startup.

iRacing Chat Client

Several voice chat bugs have been fixed.

Chat room names which contain hyphens (or that exceed an internal length limit) are no longer truncated incorrectly.

A rare crash bug was fixed which sometimes occurred during shutdown of the chat client.

Control Assignments

Keyboard assigned gear shifting controls should now work from one session to the next without the need to re-assign them in the options each session.

The clutch pedal control should now work correctly when the chat entry window is open.

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Installation, Updating and Launching Software

The installer now creates a start menu shortcut to (instead of If you do not re-install from scratch, please make sure you manually fix your existing shortcut.

The simulation no longer triggers downloadable packages to require a download after certain simulation software crashes.

The graphical auto-configuration has been adjusted to be less aggressive and to set the amount of video memory available for textures more accurately. Your system may now default into a lower PC class and may report slightly less video memory available for textures after running the graphics autoconfiguration tool.

Fixed an issue that was preventing the iRacingService from launching the sim in some instances.

Changed a timeout that should reduce the number of ?The sim didn?t seem to launch for unknown reason? errors on the web site.


Safety ratings are now displayed to the hundredths decimal place.

The ‘Use’ dollars towards my subscription.’ option on the web site now works.

The proper sales tax rate for downloadable software is 1% in the US state of CT, not the normal sales tax rate.

Abbreviated season stats are now available on each season’s Series Home page.

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The navigation for the STATS section?s Series Stats page has been improved. You are now able to jump directly to any page, the last page, or the first page.

Club stats are now available on the STATS Clubs page.

Event Results have been re-skinned.

A car and track dropdown has been added to the TEST panel to allow quick selection of cars and tracks for testing.

Your selected car and track will now sort to the top of the car/track lists.

The ‘Rolodex’ page has been re-named to ‘myRACERS’.

A bug that would cause the session page?s session panels to not wrap during a race-week change has been fixed.

Race Control

Fixed a bug where some races with too few entrants were being counted as official.

Fixed a bug where a race that ended before half the scheduled length was not being marked as unofficial.

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Incident points incurred by cars you have contacted within 4 seconds of that contact will be attributed to both of you.

When you break rules and get a black flag, the rules you have broken will be listed.

In a race, the white and checkered flags are now shown to you based on your position in the race, not just the leader’s position which could be confusing.

General Simulation User Interface

Smallest text all uses the same bold font should be easier to read at low resolution.

Increased contrast in text colors.

Drive screen UI can be scaled larger.

Accented characters in driver’s names shown correctly.

Qual sessions have a Qual tab on the replay screen showing session results.

Race sessions show Qual times in Grid tab FOV shown on drive screen when changing FOV.

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In-car FOV adjustable in Options / Graphics.

Cockpit Look options added.

List of all key bindings in Options / Other (these cannot yet be rebound).

Bug fixed: all screen resolutions are selectable in Options / Graphics.

EAX, which is not implemented, can no longer be set manually in app.ini.

Garage screen no longer needs to be scrolled.

Series name shown on replay screen.

Various little tweaks to several UI widgets ? droplists scroll faster, sliders react more intuitively.

Laps tab uses colors rather than fonts to highlight best laps.

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UI will show on the center monitor on Matrox Triple-head-2-go three monitor setups.


Flat tires now make flat tire sounds.

Driving Views

You may only drive using the cockpit view, chase views are no longer available.

The maximum driving field of view has been raised to 135 degrees, to help folks with extra wide triple monitor setups.

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