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2008 Build Notes

07.23.2008 Build Notes


Added a new graphics option, RefreshRateHz, to renderer.ini (located in ‘My Documents/iRacing’ on XP). This setting overrides the full-screen refresh rate used by the simulation. The default value is 0, which allows Direct3D to select a safe refresh rate. Use extreme caution if manually overriding this setting, as an invalid value may cause the simulation to fail to initialize or result in other problems.

Relabeled ‘Your Card’s Video Memory’ advanced graphics option to now read ‘Utilizable Texture Memory.’ In most cases the correct value is 30-100MB less than your card’s video memory. It is almost always a bad idea to increase this value from the original auto-detected setting, as setting it too large often results in a large performance loss.


Mini Chat on Replay screen, Chat Tab now accessible from button in Mini Chat.

#42(NP) Chat messages now show full names instead of inscrutable abbreviations.

Chat colors tweaked a bit.

Adjusted F3 black box colors, it should be easier to distinguish your car from cars lapping you. The colors are:
Gold: Your car & the pace car
White: Opponent on the same lap as you
Red: Opponent that is lapping you, or has lapped you
Blue: Opponent that you are lapping, or you have lapped

F2 and F3 black boxes now show car numbers as ‘#123’ rather than just ‘123’.

Track length now shown to two decimal places.

Several small display errors fixed on the Replay screen.

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Race Control

Pit lane popup UI was not showing in oval qualifying sessions.

The time limit for “slowing down” after cutting a corner is increased to 20 seconds from 15 seconds.

Fixed the bug where resetting while under the “slow down” condition would result in a lengthy black flag.

Fixed the bug where drivers could get pit entrance penalties when reconnecting to a server.


Fixed Silver Crown ride height issues for remotes (shouldn’t bottom as much).

Changed tallest differential ratios for Late Model so doesn’t redline at Lowes.

Brake lights are now transmitted to remote cars for Solstices and Radical (there is of course a delay due to the communications latency, so don’t follow someone too deep!)

Engine revs and gear are now transmitted to remote cars, should sound much better.

A correction was made to the aerodynamic forces due to drafting–the cars in front will generally get less of a speed increase from cars behind.

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A fix was made to the tire wear code which was causing too much wear on lightly loaded tires.

The Formula Mazda and Radical tires have been reworked; they were not quite correct after the camber fixes in a previous build.

There is now no delay when shifting from Neutral into gear with sequential shifting mode, it is now the same as H-pattern (no advantage at starts).


Barber Motorsports Park is now available for purchase.

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