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2008 Build Notes

Build Notes: 07.31.2008


The sim will properly recognise 4GB or more of system RAM.

The replayMemoryOverride setting in core.ini will no longer cause sim to fail to load if size is set too large.

Fix buffer overflow bug in garage when using long filenames for setups for most cars that could sometimes cause setups to not load or the sim to crash.


The functionality of the Club Stats page has been expanded. You can now view data on a per-season level.

A driver stats listing has been added to the STATS > Drivers section. On this page you can view a listing of all members who have participated in at least one race session. This list can be filtered in a variety of ways.

A new page has been added to the SERIES section: Past Seasons. This page can be used to navigate to the miscellaneous past seasons and lists all past season champions.


Fixed a black flag bug at VIR South.

The Infineon grandstand is now visible again.

A graphical bump coming out of Irwindale’s turn 2 has been fixed.

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Updated the 3rd gear ratio in the Solstice from the 2006 model’s 1.37 to the 2007-present model’s 1.51.

Updated full throttle engine sounds for Formula Mazda.

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