Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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DW-12 Indycar may not be ready for iRacing Indy 500

iRacing’s goal is to get the new Indy DW-12 car out a week before the iRacing.com Indy 500 at least in proper trim for the race.

indycar-chevrolet-dw12-inlineIn a recent forum post by Tony Garner, he says:

I don’t know if going to be finished or not in time, If not, will run race with old car. The art work and production work is about done so that will not be the issue. I was just talking to the vehicle dynamics engineer focused on it and he is making good progress. He already has the aero package in testing and working on other elements of the car but not much time left. Just trying to be completely transparent as I know people like to practice for this way in advance and start working on setups and things like that. 

If we have any more information or indication of which car it will be as we move closer will let you know and keep you updated. Count on probably another week or so before any other information but guessing will come down to wire. We will not release the car unless happy with it for the race. Sorry for the uncertainty but in building new cars there is a lot of it that is not under our control as we need teams, manufacturers, access to cars and all that to complete them. Good news is we have what we need and working away on it. 

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