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2016 Build Notes

Release Notes for Jan 7 Update

Here is another small follow-up to our 2016 Season 1 Release. We’ve fixed a few more issues.


– Improved the graphics autoconfig to set the “Video Memory to Use” limit to precisely 10% less than the dedicated video memory of the GPU, rather than always 128MB less at most.

– Replaced the graphics option, “Cap Frame Queue,” with a more useful version,
“Max Prerendered Frames,” adjustable from 1 to 4 frames. Typically you should set this value to the number of GPUs in use for rendering, in most cases this is 1, but for SLI or Crossfire this is often 2. Setting the limit to zero frames disables this function completely, which is not advisable since it will lead to increased control lag, or in some cases stuttering. This new setting defaults to a value of 1, and is named “MaxPreRenderedFrames” in the “renderer.ini” file.

– A new setting, “ParallelSorting=1,” has been added to the “renderer.ini” file. Changing this setting to 0 will disable the use of multi-threading during scene sorting in the renderer. The multithreading optimizations are enabled by default.

– Fixed an issue where textures were only loading after entering the garage screen when the option “LoadTexturesWhenDriving” was set to zero in the “renderer.ini” file.

Shared Pit Stalls

– Sessions will now be split into run-groups based on the number of starting grid stalls at the track, instead of the number of pit stalls.


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– A new telemetry item “LapCompleted” has been added which contains the number of laps completed by your car (Similar to “Lap” which contains your car’s currently started lap). At a circuit event, “CarIdxLapCompleted” will always be 1 less than “CarIdxLap”, since the finish line both finishes one lap and starts the next. But at the Nürburgring Tourist config, where the start and finish are separate, completing a lap does not start the next one.

– A new telemetry item “CarIdxLapCompleted” has been added which is an array containing the number of laps completed for each CarIdx (Similar to “CarIdxLap” which contains the currently started lap).

– Telemetry items “LapDistPct” and “CarIdxLapDistPct” have been updated to export “0.0” to “1.0” correctly for the Nürburgring Tourist config, with “1.0” being at the finish line. The number will continue to increase above “1.0” in the non-timed area, and wrap back to “0.0” at the start line.

– The state of “TrackCleanup” has been inverted. Now a value of “0” indicates that the track is not being cleaned up, and a value of “1” indicates the track is being cleaned up.

– Renamed several telemetry parameters to remove the unacceptable characters, “-” and, ” “, as follows:
– – PowerMGU-K = PowerMGU_K
– – TorqueMGU-K = TorqueMGU_K
– – PowerMGU-H = PowerMGU_H
– – EnergyBatteryToMGU-KLap = EnergyBatteryToMGU_KLap
– – EnergyBudgetBattToMGU-KLap = EnergyBudgetBattToMGU_KLap
– – DRS Status = DRS_Status

McLaren MP4-30

– Fixed an issue where DRS lights were not activating correctly when the control screen was active.

Radical SR8

– Fixed an issue where the left side mirror was not being deformed correctly when damaged.

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Silver Crown

– Changed the weight jacker from 5/8″ throw to 1.25″ throw. This change means each click will have double the cross weight change compared to before.

Super Late Model

– Vehicle setups have been updated.

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

– Removed erroneously placed pit boxes.


– Qualifying laps that begin directly from the Tourist exit on Nordschleife and Combined configs will now correctly score the first flying lap.

– Fixed some issues with object collision on the left side of the Tourist pit lane.

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