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Dallara IR18

Fixed Indy Oval – Season 3 Update

iRacing’s Greg West posted the following on the iRacing member forums regarding in-car control parameters for the Fixed Indy Oval series for Season 3 2020 as a pilot program.

After careful consideration and feedback from both the community and real world drivers, we are updating the in-car control parameters for the Fixed Indy Oval series for Season 3 2020 as a pilot program.

New for this season will be the implementation of the adjustable weight jacker and anti-roll bars as in-car controls.

For those of you that may be unfamiliar with IndyCar oval racing, the driver’s adjustment of these devices can have a noticeable effect on car handling throughout a stint as the tires wear, fuel load lightens, and in turbulent air behind other cars.

A quick tutorial on how to use the adjustments is below:

Anti-roll bars reduce the body roll in cornering, which in turn reduces the weight transferred to the outside tire. Stiffer front anti-roll bars generally result in more push or front sliding, while stiffer rear anti-roll bars generally result in more oversteer or rear sliding.

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The weight jacker is set using the Right Spring Set control. It is a hydraulic cylinder that is placed on the right rear of the car and expands and contracts to change the weight distribution of the car. Increasing the weight jacker transfers more weight to the left front and right rear of the car, which in turn increases cross weight, and results in a looser car, and more right rear wear. Decreasing weight jacker transfers weight to the right front and left rear, and results in a tighter car with more right front wear.

To be clear, this is a pilot program. If we see that there is a negative impact on participation, we reserve the right to roll back these changes at our discretion.

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