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iRacing 2023 Season 1 AI Update

The iRacing team has recently announced some major updates to the AI (Artificial Intelligence) availability for the 2023 Season 1. These updates will bring significant improvements to the overall AI racing experience and make it more accessible to a wider audience.

One of the key updates is the introduction of AI opponents in all official races. Until now, AI opponents were only available in Time Trials and Test Sessions. The inclusion of AI opponents in official races will allow drivers to compete against them in a more realistic racing environment, with full field sizes and real-time racing conditions.

Another major update is the expansion of the AI field size to up to 50 cars. This will allow drivers to experience more realistic and intense racing action, with larger and more diverse field sizes.

In addition to these updates, the iRacing team is also working on improving the AI’s racing behavior and making it more realistic. This includes improvements to the AI’s cornering and overtaking techniques, as well as its ability to adapt to changing track conditions and tire wear.

The iRacing team is also introducing a new “AI Difficulty” slider that will allow drivers to adjust the level of challenge they want to face. This will enable drivers of all skill levels to find a suitable level of competition and improve their skills over time.

Another notable update is the introduction of AI in the Fixed Setup series. This will allow drivers to compete against AI opponents in a more evenly matched field, with all cars running the same setup. This will provide a more level playing field and enable drivers to focus on their driving skills rather than setup optimization.

Overall, these updates to the AI availability for the 2023 Season 1 are a major step forward for iRacing and will significantly improve the overall racing experience for drivers. With the inclusion of AI opponents in all official races, expanded field sizes, improved racing behavior, and the introduction of the AI Difficulty slider and Fixed Setup series, drivers will have more opportunities to compete against AI opponents and improve their skills.

These updates are sure to be welcomed by the iRacing community and will help make the racing experience more accessible and enjoyable for drivers of all skill levels. The iRacing team is always working to improve the sim racing experience, and these updates are a testament to their commitment to delivering the best possible racing experience to their users.

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