Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Chevrolet National Impala

The Chevrolet National Impala is featured in NASCAR’s primary development series – the K&N Pro Series East and West – which developed from the former Busch North and Winston West Series, more recently known as the Busch East and West Series. The K&N Pro Series car is based on rules that existed for the pre-COT Cup and Nationwide style cars, with numerous variations to distinguish the cost and performance of these development series cars from the top level Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series cars.

Tech Specs: Chevrolet National Impala

Constructor Chevrolet Chassis Steel Tubeframe Engine Chevrolet Pushrod V8 Engine displacement 358 cubic in. (5.8L) Horsepower Approx. 650 hp unrestricted Carborator Compression ratio: 12:1 Aspiration: Naturally aspirated Size: 390 cubic ft/ min. (184 L/s) four barrel Fuel Sunoco Leaded or …

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