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Chevrolet SS Sprint Cup Car

About: Chevrolet SS Chevy SSThe Generation 6 Sprint Cup Car marks a welcome return to NASCAR’s “Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday” heritage. With a distinctive body style resembling its showroom counterpart, the Gen-6 Chevrolet SS is a bold 200 mph statement of Bow-Tie brand identity.



Beauty is more than skin deep, however. 2.3” shorter and 3” wider, the Chevy SS features improved underbody aerodynamics making the cars more stable in traffic and fostering close racing. Safety is enhanced by forward roof band and center roof support reinforcing the cars’ structural integrity, along with larger roof flaps to reduce the likelihood of cars becoming airborne in crashes.

Total weight has been reduced by 160 pounds over the Gen-6’s predecessor, down to a 3300 pound minimum with no less than 1600 pounds (down from 1700) on the right side. The Gen-6 cars sport carbon-fiber hoods and deck lids, along with a 53”wide rear spoiler.

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Chevrolet SS Sprint Cup Car

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