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Timeline: Indycar DW12 Coming SOON; in development

iRacing tweeted this render today, and confirmed the DW12 is currently in development.

iRacing.com DW12

December 19, 2013

Steve Myers let this cat out of the bag in a post about how content flows through iRacing. Looks like the Dallara will be the next road car released by iRacing. Still no official word when that will be.

Sometimes it goes the other way like with the DW12. I won’t go into the gory details but we had planned to have that released BEFORE it ever turned a lap in the real world. We have a terrific relationship with Dallara and will get more data then even the teams get to build our car. You can expect this to come out before the Holden by the way.

November 18, 2013

Steve Myers tweeted about receiving CAD data from the new Indycar.

For those not connecting the dots. @iRacing starting work on the DW12 “soon”. Updated CAD data arriving from @DallaraIndyFty today

September 12, 2013

Tony Gardner wrote about new car content saying they may start working on the new Indycar sometime in 2014.

Making some headway on the Honda BTCC car now. Working with a team on getting a scan date with Honda’s help. Same thing with BMW for a GT car, working on getting full CAD data. Still waiting on final license with Toyota. We would love to start on a new Indy Car sometime next year. We shall see.

February 15, 2013

Tony Garder wrote:

We have a license for the Dallara we are running currently, and for the DW-12. We have not decided when the car will be moved into production though.

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