Monday, March 30, 2020


12.13.2010 Build Release Notes

– Tour Modified should no longer overheat and blow motors under normal racing conditions. – Fixed a spotter bug where spotter describes which rule you have broken incorrectly. – MX-5 Cup no longer has a brake bias adjustment in the …

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11.10.2010 Build Release Notes

– Removed the disabled Session Ticker – Performance improvements to career stats page – Fixed bug where we were displaying the wrong division on the career stats page – Fixed stats truncation on career stats page – Fixed last races …

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06.22.2010 Build Release Notes

Miscellaneous – The Ford Mustang FR500S is now available. – Added some Mid-Ohio finishing touches and fixes. – Fixed bug where club stats were always showing 0 on personal stats page. – Fixed lap chart bug where the finishing positions …

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