Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Build Notes: 12.11.2008

Wall contact incidents are now either 0x or 2x, instead of 3x. Also, the polar moment of the car is considered as well when determining the impact strength, which does a better job of evening out the contact incident points …

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Build Notes: 11.10.2008

A series banner now loads in-sim. Fixed a bug where the exit car message would show while pitting. Fixed a bug where a replay TV camera could move strangely when the replay buffer is full. Fixed a phantom collision bug …

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Build Notes: 10.28.2008

We will be issuing updates to Infineon Raceway and Lowe’s Motor Speedway today, hopefully at around 20:05GMT (4:05pm EDT). The update to Infineon Raceway fixes the course-cutting bug that some have been exploiting shamelessly. The update to Lowe’s Motor Speedway …

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Build Notes: 07.31.2008

Sim The sim will properly recognise 4GB or more of system RAM. The replayMemoryOverride setting in core.ini will no longer cause sim to fail to load if size is set too large. Fix buffer overflow bug in garage when using …

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07.23.2008 Build Notes

Graphics Added a new graphics option, RefreshRateHz, to renderer.ini (located in ‘My Documents/iRacing’ on XP). This setting overrides the full-screen refresh rate used by the simulation. The default value is 0, which allows Direct3D to select a safe refresh rate. …

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Build Notes: 06.25.2008

User Interface Force Feedback ‘Dampening’ option removed ‘ it no longer did anything. Corrected sorting order for numerical columns in Session screen tabs. Re-ordered sound options to ‘Simulation’ and ‘Voice Chat’ sections to clarify the options’ intents. Cleaned up voice …

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